Charles Borromeo - Read, Ontario and St. Vincent de Paul - Deseronto, Ontario. I welcome you to our parish website. There are wonderful people and ministries inside this site. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, our parish calendar, staff identifications, committees, and who to call are all included plus that and more. You will find herein the "stuff" of our parish.

As a parish, we are about many things, but mostly we are about worship and praise of God who gives us all we need. As we are each blessed, may we, then, be blessing to one another, to our families, and to the world around and beyond us.

Every day the beauty of God surrounds us. The delight of our families, the treasures of our friends, and the unexpected surprise of new acquaintances enlivens and emboldens us to look for the face of God everywhere. We seek to know Christ in the person next to us, in our spouse, our children, and our parents. Knowing Jesus in one another in our parish family reminds us that we truly belong to one another as we desire to know God's continuing call to fullness of life and love. In knowing each other better, we are invited to minister to each other in our belonging and sharing, and so we build up the Body of Christ.

Each of us journeys along to this world, and then God invites us to belong in a variety of ways. For those of us who belong here to one of the clustered parishes, we are grateful for the unique gifts of one another, and we share who we are in this site. For those who are visiting our website, I invite you to discover who we are as a parish.

I hope you will use our website as a tool to find exactly what you need at the time you need it. Let us pray for each other often as we look to know God's unfolding plan of goodness and challenge for us, individually, and as a parish.

May God bless us all, and may we know peace.

Fr. Mark Chochrek

- Marysville, Ontario,